Spotlight on The Philadelphia Reentry Coalition

For us, the topic of our team — how we treat each other, the professional development opportunities we offer, and the challenges we have to prepare for — is especially important because of our mission to create jobs for people who have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream workforce. This mission is core to who we are, but we are not bringing it to life on our own. We are working with a cadre of advisors, collaborators, and big thinkers to develop the skills, resources and empathy we need to best support our team. This city is filled with people who are devoting their minds and their time to making life better and fairer for everyone. We’ve been lucky to get to know so many of these good people, and are excited to lift up some of their work here. 

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And then there were three.

As most great relationships seem to do these days, our relationship with Kyle got its start on the internet.

Bill's and my homebrewing was decent, but was never going to be the foundation of a brewery. On our most adventurous days, we brewed with a hybrid of malt and extract, but we had neither the equipment nor the expertise to begin developing creative, replicable recipes. It was abundantly clear that we needed a partner.

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Origin stories.

Triple Bottom was born from a “wouldn’t it be amazing if…” kind of conversation over a steak dinner in South America. As all great ideas do, right?

Bill and I had just left Washington, DC, where we had been working in community and economic development for several years, and were very fortunate to be able to take a trip before beginning graduate school. (It may be worth noting here that Bill and I are married, so we hang out a lot.)

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Tess Hart
Here we go

(Please pretend you are reading this on March 6, 2018, which is when it was actually written. Turns out that building a website to host a blog takes more time than writing one.)

I’m sitting at my window, waiting for this next Nor’Easter to hit, feeling all sorts of confused because last week it was 70 degrees and then this weekend we got pummeled with snow, our tree fell across the street and broke all our neighbor’s windows, and my family went three days without power.

And you know? That’s kind of what it’s like to start a business.

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Tess Hart