Here we go

(Please pretend you are reading this on March 6, 2018, which is when it was actually written. Turns out that building a website to host a blog takes more time than writing one.)


I’m sitting at my window, waiting for this next Nor’Easter to hit, feeling all sorts of confused because last week it was 70 degrees and then this weekend we got pummeled with snow, our tree fell across the street and broke all our neighbor’s windows, and my family went three days without power.

And you know? That’s kind of what it’s like to start a business. This time of year, my front door is crowded with an array of different jackets and footwear to prepare me for any weather. And for the last two years, my brain (and if I’m honest, really my spirit)* has had to be my all-weather gear, to help me pivot from exhilarating, bright moments of clarity and connection and progress to foggy periods of logistical hurdles and uncertainty to surprise storms of setbacks and “is this going to work!?” crises. It’s been a ride, and we haven’t even opened our doors.

But here’s what I believe: this is going to work. And more than that, it’s going to be beautiful and powerful and really fun.

We can’t wait to share the output of these years of learning and planning and building with you. In the meantime, we thought we’d invite you behind the scenes. As much as bringing Triple Bottom to life has had its challenges and frustrations, for the most part it has been remarkably fulfilling. We’ve gotten to know some truly incredible, strong, and hardworking people and organizations in Philadelphia. We’ve brewed some exceptional beers that have made us glance at each other with that eyebrow-raised kind of joy and relief that our beers are really delicious. (It wasn’t actually a surprise, given our brewer, Kyle’s, experience—but each new recipe is a happy confirmation.) And—oh so thrilling—we’ve learned way more than we ever could have imagined about leases and licenses and loans. This blog is a little bit about all of that, though it will be light on the paperwork and heavy on the people. It’ll mostly be me (hi, it’s Tess!) writing but we may have a few guest posts here and there. We’re still figuring this out (and by this I mean all of this, not just the blog), so we welcome your ideas and support and constructive feedback. Just give us a shout at

Okay? Here we go.


*And if I’m even more honest, the thoughtful brains and uplifting spirits of our partners and friends and champions are the real all-weather gear.


Tess Hart