We’re crafting an exciting menu of beers that we hope will pique your curiosity, provide you with comfort, and quench your thirst.

Our brewer and co-founder, Kyle, has been brewing beer for more than half his life. From crafting malty ales in in the UK, to Belgians and barley wines at Pennsylvania’s Weyerbacher Brewing Company, to some of the hoppiest IPAs around at Stone Brewing Company, Kyle’s wide-ranging experience ensures that we always have an alluring variety of beers on tap.

Right now, we’re developing our starting lineup of beers on our small pilot system. These brews help us figure out the flavors we want to recreate once we get our commercial brewing system up and running. When we open, we’ll look to you to help us decide which of our beers will become year-round flagships, and which will be specialty or seasonal brews. And, of course, we’ll continually explore new styles and flavors, which we can’t wait to share with you.