Find Your Fire.

We launched our crowdfunding campaign for Triple Bottom Brewing Company nearly two years ago, a week after the 2016 election. It’s wild to retrace the progress and set backs of the last two years, and realize how far we’ve come. We’d been planning the launch of the campaign for months, not thinking at all about our timing being so close to the election. But then the election went a different direction than we had hoped and expected. The world seemed unrecognizable.

In that week after the election, our preparations for launching Triple Bottom gave me direction. They helped me find my fire — the thing that burns within me, lights me up, gives me hope and determination, fuels my action. That fire, combined with the fire of so many others, has kept me going, and has kept Triple Bottom growing.

But whoa, the last two weeks have been hard. We’ve celebrated a lot of great milestones with Triple Bottom — a zoning use permit, a state brewing license, a newly excavated floor! — but what has been happening in Washington is staggering.

Here’s what gives me hope: I know that there is fire in me, and I believe there is fire in you, too.


My fire is the belief that when people care about each other, with open eyes and open hearts, our world is better. And that idea of caring is big. It’s about showing up for your community day in and day out, ready to celebrate the good things and be present for the hard things. It’s about standing up for and with people whose voices aren’t always heard, whose strengths may not be seen, and helping to shine a light on them. It’s about really looking to understand how what we do affects the people and the planet around us, and then working hard to make sure the ripples we’re putting out in the world are positive.

Triple Bottom is the result of my fire, and Bill’s fire, and Kyle’s fire. It’s a place where people can take care of each other, in small and big ways: a delicious beer, a joyful moment, the dignity of a meaningful job. It’s a place that celebrates all that Philly is: a city of believers, advocates, fighters, survivors, caregivers, creatives, explorers, learners, and leaders. We all have fire in us. So if, like me, you have been feeling pretty rough these last few weeks, I hope you find your fire. Take care of yourself, and each other. Do something great. Do something good. We’re here, cheering you on.

Tess HartComment